Saturday, January 24, 2015

Favorite Apps for Chromebooks - Math

I get asked a lot about what apps do I recommend for using with our Chromebooks.  Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post about apps for each content area that I like.

This week, let's talk about math.

Math teachers sometime feel slighted by Chromebooks because they don't think they can use them in their class.  They couldn't be more wrong!  Here's a few of my favorite apps!

1) BuzzMath -  BuzzMath is primarily used by middle school (grades 6-8/years 7-9) math teachers. It works with the BuzzMath website.  Both teachers and parents can create accounts and assign topics or lessons based upon the Common Core standards.  Teachers can track student progress as a class and as individuals.  If a student does not demonstrate proficiency in an assignment, then they will given remediation practice until they can.  Each student can work at their own pace, based upon the teacher's assignments.

2)  Splash Math -  Splash Math is for grades Kindergarten-5th grade/ years 1-6.   These games are also aligned to Common Core standards.  Teachers can create their classrooms, enroll students, and also monitor their progress.  This application also is a link to the SplashMath website.  Splash Math, like BuzzMath, allows parents to create and account as well to provide further math skills practice for their children.

3)  IXL - IXL can be used by students in Pre-K - High School/years 1-13.   Like the other two apps mentioned previously, both teachers and parents can create accounts and assign lessons to their students.  Activities on IXL are also based upon the Common Core or specific state standards.  A version also exists for other countries as well (such as New Zealand!).  This application also links to the IXL website.  Practice lessons are also available for Language Arts as well.  

Other apps that are more commonly known include:

For teachers, some apps/add-ons that might be helpful in creating assignments, documents, etc:
  • g(Math) - Google Docs add-on for adding equations, fractions, and formulas as well as graphs directly in your document.
  • Daum Equation Editor - an equation editor that lets you save directly to Google Drive.

Hope this helps!  Next post, we will talk about Language Arts apps.  Until then, Cheers! 

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