Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Favorite Apps for Chromebooks - Language Arts

Language Arts teachers have quite a few apps available for their use in the classroom.  Here's some of my favorites that I recommend to my teachers!

1) Google Apps for Education - ok, that's a no brainer!  Google Docs allow for creation, communication, and collaboration!  Students can peer review each others work ("3 before me!" is one of my favorite quotes), do research directly from gDocs, create their Works Cited, and much more!  Through the use of Google Classroom, teachers can more easily distribute and collect assignments; thus, becoming a paperless classroom.  I've not found much not to love about GAFE!

docs.png Google Classroom Logo.png

2) EasyBib - EasyBib is a Google Docs add-on. EasyBib allows you to automatically cite boots, journal articles, and websites by entering in titles or URLS.  You can format your citations in either MLA, APA or Chicago style. It also helps students learn about plagarism and copyright.

3)  Newsela - Newsela contains high-interest, non-fiction articles whose reading level can be adjusted by Lexile scores.  These articles offer comprehension quizzes, also based upon reading levels.  Teachers can assign articles and Lexile levels to their students and track their progress over time.  Now all students in your classroom can read the same article at their own level.  Helps to support differentiated learning in the classroom.

4)  iStoryBooks - iStoryBooks contains free, interactive children's books.  These books are read aloud to the student.  These books are primarily geared towards Pre-K through 1st grade.  New books are published every 2 weeks.

5)  Kindle Cloud Reader - Kindle Cloud Reader works with Amazon's Whispersync service to distribute eBooks to your students and then "collect" them when finished.  Students can look up the meaning of words, hear them pronounced, create notes, and bookmark their book virtually.  No more lost library books!

6)  Overdrive - Check out eBooks from your local library.  No more late/lost book fees.   Great to expand your student's reading choices from what is just available in your classroom/school.  

Next post - Science apps for Chromebooks!

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